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I decided to "productify" this low cost PIC programmer because I have been getting frequent requests to supply or re-program PIC micro-controllers with new aprstracker firmware.

Microchip's PIC micro-controllers are versatile components which can be used to create smart designs in a quick and easy way. They form an ideal basis for many hobby and professional projects.

To load software into a PIC micro you need a programmer. A circuit for this can easily be made using breadboard, but this is hardly worth the effort considering the price of the programmer described here. For € 12.50 you get a complete kit of a simple PIC Programmer.

The kit includes a professional circuit board, all components, and a description. The kit is easy to build and can be assembled in a jiffy. The needed software is in the public domain and can be downloaded off the Internet.

The programmer can apply either the "Vdd before Vpp principle" or the "Vpp before Vdd principle". This makes it possible to program and re-program PIC devices that use their internal oscillator. The programmer also has an In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) connector.

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No additional shipping charges if one or more PICs are ordered together with a programmer.

To connect to your PC's USB port, there is the PICkit2. This is an original Microchip programmer.

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